Getting Help

Bug Reports and Feature Requests

The Cytoverse team greatly appreciates users bringing any unexpected behavior to our attention as well as requesting additional functionality or documentation that they would find helpful. For any of these purposes please open an issue on the GitHub page for the relevant package repository, all of which can be found from the RGLab GitHub homepage.

If you are reporting a bug, please try to generate a reproducible example (or “reprex”) for generating the unexpected behavior. The reprex package can assist in rendering your code nicely in to markdown that can be added to the issue. If your example depends on particular files (workspace files, raw data, etc.) please let us know that as well. This is not often the case as most issues can be reproduced using example data included with our packages, particularly in flowWorkspaceData. If the privacy of the data is not of great concern (or it is sufficiently de-identified), you may post it directly to the issue. Otherwise, we can certainly arrange a more private transfer of data.


On occasion some of our users not only request additional functionality from our packages, but prototype or develop it themselves. This is of course welcome, but you should always post an issue first so that we can make sure the requested functionality is not already present (and maybe just not fully documented yet) so as to avoid duplication of effort. Furthermore, design considerations for the entire Cytoverse ecosystem may push us to develop more robust/general solutions over single-task additions.