Learning the Cytoverse

Getting Started

The Cytoverse team continually works to make the packages more approachable to new users, even as new tools are added. To that end, the best place to start is with the package vignettes. All of the Cytoverse packages have a number of vignettes intended to provide a brief introduction to the role they serve. After installation, these can be accessed from within R by running browseVignettes("package_name") where “package_name” would be “flowWorkspace”, “openCyto”, or whichever package you needed to learn about.

Within R, the help documentation for methods is also usually a good resource for deeper explanations and examples.

Mike Jiang has also put together a number of extra demonstrations that will soon be incorporated in to this website.

Further questions

Even after reading the resources mentioned above, there may be times when you have further questions about how to accomplish some part of your analysis using the Cytoverse tools. Bioconductor support is an excellent resource for finding answers to your questions. Please search to see if your question has already been answered, but otherwise please do not hesitate to ask it there. Just be sure to tag your post with the appropriate package name or the “cytoverse” tag to ensure we see it.

You can also open issues on the GitHub repository pages, but that is best left for bug reports or feature requests.